1. Anonymous said: Hi, I have a problem on Athens Theme when accessing the wifi menu i t always crashes.

    I’m checking it already

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  2. Anonymous said: Please, update your Theme 'Berlin by Night' to fit CM11 Theme Engine! It's gorgeous, and I love it!!! Thx

    Yes, I’ll update it soon

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  3. Anonymous said: No more support for berlin theme?

    Yes, I’ll still support Berlin Themes, I’m “playing” with new engine already, and , if there’s not big issues, I’ll port it into it as soon as posible. Thanks

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  4. Anonymous said: Hi. First of all i really love using your themes on my phone. i just recently use Cosmopolitan Themes and it is by far your best themes ever, but like your other themes there a bit bug that kinda annoying to see. if any user use Link 2 SD app in their phone, you will see a bug when you do manual linking any app/games. the link application file/D-cache file and library file is on top of each other. really quiet hard to see it. maybe your themes is not compatible with M.D.P.I devices..

    Yes, they are not 100% compatibles with mdpi.Send an email with screenshot and maybe I can check it. :)

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  5. Anonymous said: Could you create a flashable zip for those of us who prefer a dark SMS? Cosmo is my favourite of your themes so far. Many thanks.

    It’s not as easy as flashing a zip file, but, I’m working already on making it dark by default on Cosmo

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  6. Anonymous said: Bought cosmopolitan in the play store without reading the small print. I am rooted running BC4 rom (Liquid) on a Razr Maxx. Is there a workaround for me? Thanks.

    are you using a theme chooser compatible rom?

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  7. Anonymous said: Hello,I love your app, you made great job !!! but only 1 fail ; the sms app was not themed on my Nexus 4 (CM10.1) and Black theme not works

    mms is not black in my themes

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  8. Cosmopolitan theme

    Cosmopolitan Theme is out!



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  9. Anonymous said: Hello, i love your theme popstyle B, but there is a problem in contact. Png bar is not modified at the top. I'm on CM10.1 Official (Nexus 4) There is the same problem on AOKP Rom. Can you fix it in a next release? Thanx

    Yeah, it’s a known issue when ussing on a 4.2 based rom. I’m on it.

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  10. Anonymous said: I have Popstyle B (blue version) installed and loving it. I am a believer of the concept 'one look, one feel'. Therefore, I would love it if you can create a homescreen or share what u already have made for yourself, that provides a consistent look and feel of Popstyle.

    I’ll think about that. I normally don’t care much about that ‘cause I flash a new rom every 2 days (flashaolic), so I never spend much time on desktop setup ;)

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